Motaz sarted his career in Shendi in the leadership of the 3rd Infantry Division known as the 10th district of Ishlaq Alqiyada, where the mother of the armed forces of the people and grew up in the fields of the leadership district and played the youth links with the Nile Valley team Bashandi (1) Previous season (1992-1993).

He then went on to lead. His first contract was signed with Al Ittihad Shendi, who became the name of the supplier Shendi and then his current name Shendi defense for six years without charge. He played in the league only one season in 1994 and contributed to the rise of the third division to the second and participated with the club In 11 games and scored 11 goals by winning the top scorer scorer.

In the 1995 season Al Ahli Shendi (1st Class) contracted with Motaz Kabier for 750,000 Sudanese pounds for 4 years and a major problem in the driving field because he moved without Nadia Al Ittihad’s approval. As the players in the neighborhood teams belong only to their teams and do not transfer to any club Problems have reached the district limit of the neighborhood and any penalty has resulted in the player being suspended.

However, on the first day of his new game against Hilal Shendi, he was openly fired and participated in his first match against Al-hilal Shendi. In his first season he participated in 14 games and scored 12 goals and won the league’s top scorer. In my first local and local Sudan Cup season 1995-1996 was playing in the midfield.

Motaz with Clubs

In the 1996-1997 season, the newly-promoted Mars Port Sudan club entered the Sudanese Premier League with Motaz Kabier for 7 million Sudanese pounds for four years. In his first season with the club he participated in nine matches and scored one goal and was playing in the midfield. / 1998 with Al-Merrikh Port Sudan and the league was a two-group system that participated with the club in midfield in 6 games and scored two goals.

In his third season 1998-1999 with Al-Merrikh  Port Sudan, in which he participated in the attack, his real start to fame, stardom and lights, he participated in 24 matches and scored 16 goals and won the title of top scorer in the Premier League. Al-Hilal led the club to third place in the Rolit Premier League behind Al-Merrikh Omdurman Al Hilal as a runner-up in that season, making it the club to represent Sudan in the African Cup of Nations and scored this season 3 goals against the Al-Merrikh and  team in the Khartoum game lost 2/3 and Port Sudan, Ended with a 4-0 victory as Motaz scored two goals, drawing the attention of the traditional peer Al-Hilal Omdurman.

The player went to Al-Hilal after his fierce rival from Mars on December 15, 1999, with 85 million Sudanese pounds. He played his first match against Al-Hilal against Marikh Al-Aobied in February 2000. He scored the goals of the match, participated in 26 matches and scored 15 goals. Sudanese Premier League for the second time in a row and second place with Al Hilal. In his second season with Al-Hilal in 2001-2002, he participated in 23 games and scored 14 goals in which he won the title of top scorer for the third time in a row and led the club to win the Premier League after the absence of this tournament was the beginning of the series of Al Hilal winning the Premier League.

In the 2002-2003 season, the player participated in 25 games and scored 15 goals in which he led Al-Hilal Al-Osmi to win the Premier League for the second time in a row and achieved an unprecedented achievement. He won the top scorer in the Sudanese league for the fourth time in a row. In this same year he participated with Al Hilal in the Prince Faisal Arab Championship in Tunisia in its final version, where he won with Al-Hilal second place behind the Tunisian stadium.

In the 2003-2004 season, he participated in 8 matches (first-leg matches only) and scored 12 goals. On Thursday, 29/7/2004, Motaz Kebier was loaned to Hatta Emirates Club (2nd Division) for 10 months for $ 65,000 .

He participated in the UAE club in 21 games and scored 22 goals and won the league’s top scorer behind the Brazilian player Jadielson, knowing that the Brazilian played six more games in the semi-finals that did not qualify for the club Hatta. In May 2005 Mitaz Kabier returned to Al-Hila Omdurman and participated with him in seven games and scored 6 goals. On Monday 2/1/2006 the player was rewarded and returned to the UAE League again but this time through the gate of the UAE club Ras Al Khaimah as a loan for 6 months. 6 matches were only remaining for the club in the league and scored 5 goals. In June 2006, Moataz returned to Al-Hilal Al-Osmi club, participated 6 matches and scored 5 goals. On Monday 14/1/2008, the Elephant Island Club contracted with him for one season for 50 million Sudanese pounds and participated 10 games and scored two goals.


Motaz international career

Motaz played his first international match  Sudan in 2001 Sudan against Chad in the International Friendship Championship. He scored a goal and won with the friendly tournament in Khartoum.
Participated with the Sudan team in qualifying qualifiers for the Nations of Africa and qualifying World Cup qualifiers for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan.
In the month of Ramadan in 2004, Moataz Kebir scored a great goal with the Sudanese national team against Tanzania in the SeaCafa (East and Central Africa) after a close shot in the middle of the pitch.
Moataz Kebir has played for Sudan in 15 games and scored 6 international goals.


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